02 September, 2009


As we roll into the month of september, I could smell and feel the autumn winds and this indicates a change in wardrobe from the summer brighter colurs and prints to a dull and darker shades.
Apart from the normal darker shades like dull brown, black, dark grey etc their are more new and lovely colours this autumn i.e Purple heart, loose pink ( closer to light peach), Iron (its brown nor black), Normad ( a neutral colour) , Burnt Sienne ( its the shade of autumn sunset an earlier shade of last season tangerine),
Dull olive, Magolica blue, ( a blend of teal and navy), Cream Brucee ( delicate blend of ivory beige and grey).
The look for this autumn is classified into five categories, Vintage look, Classic look, Modern mix look, Rock n Roll look, the bohochic look and the Seventies look.
Looking around I realised that Velvet is in this autumn can u imagine but I noticed its more of the devore one which is lighter. They come in dresses, leggings, skirts and even in boleros. Knits are also very in, chunky knits and oversized scarves worn in layers.
Cocktail dresses are also in this time of the year but this season it's all about frivolous and escapist glamour with puffed sleeves.
Hanky hem tops or assymetric tops are also in with checked tunics and as usual statement frill tops and exagerated drapes. Watch out also for clothes with well defined shoulders ( shoulder pads).
Skirts are in flared shapes this season, chunky accessories are still in, more of long boots and printed leggings.
Denim a friend that is always in no mater the season is also on for autumn.