15 January, 2011


A big happy new year to all my friends and other fashion bloggers. Even as the chilling weather still continues, its so nice to see that designers and retailers have started pushing out winter fashion to beautiful and bold spring wears.
At long last rouche like fashion is minimum this time and its more of my very own closet; frills and a lot from the 60s. People who are are more of the vintage touch can push it further this spring.
Its all about wedges and clogs for spring summer 2011 shoe trends, the trench coats are very fashion forward and will give you a glow at all time.
In all I could not resisting getting a few picks to share ( pictures from http://www.h&m.se/, http://www.ellos.se/, http://www.nelly.com/, http://www.halens.se/ )
Great sites for your spring summer 2011 shopping.