28 February, 2009


Bags has always been a friend one can not do without and they are the most visible fashion accessory. They come in different shades, shapes and textures.
They help in complementing ones dressing and they fit to any type of look from casuals to official or dinner outfits, just talk of any thing called wears they just fit perfectly well.
They come in different types be it over sized clutch , tote, wrist lets, shoulder bags e.t.c
Fashion has made life easier for mothers like me, students and women who need to take their lap top around can also be fashion forward because bags in trends are over sized bags and are made to be able to carry heavy loads as high as 2.5kg.
Now, its all about enormous and chunky bags. Thanks to fashion for that.

21 February, 2009


This summer it's all about being colourful, strong, classic and daring.
Sequence are back in fashion again this summer can you just imagine. I believe it's a lovely trend that is classic but still daring. It's timeless, can transcend decades, eras and it's also ageless.
Prints are also in fashion this summer and they are bold, strong colourful and not for the faint hearted.
Wedge has been in fashion for a while and are still in style but with different and a unique architectural look.

14 February, 2009


It's valentine, most people see today as a day to give a loved one a gift, to visit a friend or to go out on a date. Thinking of it today I realise most people give but do not give to themselves.
Girlfriends it's not only about the other person but about you too, so take yourself on a shopping spree or a date. For me, I was out at lindex, glitters, espirite, parellel........ doing what I know how to do best "WINDOW SHOPPING"
Just give yourself a nice treat and your mind, body and soul will be grateful.


It took me a while to get myself back together 7 weeks after delivery weighing 89kg from my normal 58kg. Unable to exercise myself as I wanted due to cesarean delivery.
I understand how you feel mums, looking at the mirror and saying to your self when will I fit into this my lovely top,dress or just a pair of skinny jeans again. Its just a matter of time and patience.
The best thing is not to forgo the maternity wears you used during your second trimester as long as they are fashion forward for the time being before you loose all the baby weight. If you really desire to put on a fitted wear just make sure you use a beautiful belt to hide those fats around the waist area and to give you a sexy and curvy look.
Breastfeeding mums don't feel embarrassed with that excessive breast of yours you can still put on fitted tops, shirts and blouses as long as you have a flowing skirt, flare trousers to go with it. Am not their yet still have almost 15 kg left to get to 60kg that I desire but that does not stop me from looking and dressing very nice.

13 February, 2009


Its all about the colour (RED).
Red is a bright colour that catches the eye and attracts attention, people who puts on red clothing's are seen as bold, deary, sexy and courageous.
The key to wearing a red shade of clothing is to choose a shade that goes with your skin tone.
If you are apprehensive about wearing bright reds then go for a subdued red style. Choose to wear red when you need something extra to pep up your energy, wear red to enhance your energy
Do you have any shade of red? hmnnnn its time to get one, don't miss out

11 February, 2009


Trying to figure out what colour of shoe and bag to use for an outing and I don't want to wear a black shoe so I said to "myself having a multicoloured shoe and bag is always the best".
You can use them on any shade of colour without even having a second thought.

It's a must have especially for days you have trouble thinking of what colour of shoe or bag to use.


Vintage clothes are always in vogue, just modify them with accessories. They always have this unique and extreme look.
Girlfriends, please check your mothers old wears and see if you can get some for yourself. Surfing the Internet for vintage wears I realise they are a bit expensive (hmnnn thinking of getting some for myself )
Vintage clothing is back and real big

08 February, 2009


Hello girlfriends,
Accessories does alot to your dressing. Lately I discovered that even with affordable wears for middle class like me can look very glamorous with the right accessories.
Chunky necklaces in silver, gold or corals gives you a bold and glamorous looks.
Never leave your neck line empty before leaving the house for any event except when putting on full covered frill tops or halternecks.
For affordable accessories you can check, www.H&M.com, www.kicks.se, www.AlbrektsGuld.se

07 February, 2009

Just Jeans

Do you ever think of it that jeans are always in fashion be it boot cut, straight leg jeans, flare jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans e.t.c
Its so trendy that you can use a suit jacket or a waist coat to give you an official look.
Do you know that straight leg jeans and skinny jeans makes your legs longer especially women with short or thick legs.
Hey! give it a try.
For beautiful and worth buying jeans you can check
http://www.h&m.com/, http://www.oldnavy.com/

06 February, 2009


Shoes, shoes and shoes

The beautiful thing about heels is that it excersises the muscles of the legs. Wedge, pumps, gladiator sandals goes on any form of dressing but I love them most on jeans or pants it makes ones legs looks longer and they lift the butts up. So as many women who have little butts try wearing heels and check your back side in a mirror.
Shoes gives you that confident and sexy look you want. For shoes that stand out in the crowd I suggest you check http://www.harlens.se/.

Belts do alot

Belts are always in fashion, its used in enhancing ones shape especially for a curvy woman like me.
Even slim women looks shapely with a strap of belt around the waist.
Thin belts are now coming back in style especially putting on a shot sleeveless mini dress
It can be worn around the waist, under the bust or just on the stomach.

Check your closet

Women tends to shop alot especially when its sales, but before getting another extra thing to that over flowing closet of yours ask your self ( DO I REALLY NEED THIS ).
Do not buy clothes, shoes or bags thinking they will be useful one day because fashion trend changes daily. New clothes, shoes and bags keep coming every minute in various styles and shapes.