11 November, 2009


It's all about metalics, matts, silky and hot red. Its all around every where. This new designs are more of getting in the groove mood.
Checking stores around all I could say is this is a real glam trend, all you need from your heels to your leggings to tops or dresses are all glam.

10 October, 2009


It's called a jacket, they come in different shapes, material and types. Gone are those days when jackets are associated with bikers and office workers.. Now, jackets are the most essential clothing in a womans cloth rack. They give you a unique and edgy look. You can dress them up with belts and accesories or just plain as they are. Jackets can be worn on almost or any type of clothing and can give you different look from casual , evening look, Dressy and official. The best trend for me this season is a jacket be it leather, shimmering or plain cotton.

02 September, 2009


As we roll into the month of september, I could smell and feel the autumn winds and this indicates a change in wardrobe from the summer brighter colurs and prints to a dull and darker shades.
Apart from the normal darker shades like dull brown, black, dark grey etc their are more new and lovely colours this autumn i.e Purple heart, loose pink ( closer to light peach), Iron (its brown nor black), Normad ( a neutral colour) , Burnt Sienne ( its the shade of autumn sunset an earlier shade of last season tangerine),
Dull olive, Magolica blue, ( a blend of teal and navy), Cream Brucee ( delicate blend of ivory beige and grey).
The look for this autumn is classified into five categories, Vintage look, Classic look, Modern mix look, Rock n Roll look, the bohochic look and the Seventies look.
Looking around I realised that Velvet is in this autumn can u imagine but I noticed its more of the devore one which is lighter. They come in dresses, leggings, skirts and even in boleros. Knits are also very in, chunky knits and oversized scarves worn in layers.
Cocktail dresses are also in this time of the year but this season it's all about frivolous and escapist glamour with puffed sleeves.
Hanky hem tops or assymetric tops are also in with checked tunics and as usual statement frill tops and exagerated drapes. Watch out also for clothes with well defined shoulders ( shoulder pads).
Skirts are in flared shapes this season, chunky accessories are still in, more of long boots and printed leggings.
Denim a friend that is always in no mater the season is also on for autumn.

03 July, 2009


Thinking of creating a new look for yourself when it comes to your hair people are always scarred especially when it's hair issue because of the fact that they are so much into that same style of hair do and colour.
I was also like that but lately I said to my self go girl and get out of your shell, then i decided to cut my hair more like layers and it does fit my face and my figure.
I woke up one day and decided to apply some gel and styled all my hair to the front. Bam it came out very lovely, now I know you dont necessarily have to belong to the category of an unblong shape of face to go on cuts it fits to any particular type of face.

18 May, 2009


Every woman likes to look good and leave a long lasting smell. I use to think that the more expensive or popular a cologne the better.
No No No, there are some inexpensive cologne under 200 SEK (less than 20 euros) with a very lovely and long lasting effects. I sampled some and wao! av been really smiling and thankful for the comments I got from people.
Hey! it worths trying
For more details of the view above check http://www.nordicfeel.se/ ( view from left .... Elizabeth Arden Blue grass, Versace Red Jeans, Gorgio Red, French Connection, Elizabeth Arden Green tea, Elizabeth Arden Provocative

26 April, 2009


Beads are now the latest accessories in town. Though they have been around for a while if I can recall but not as fashionable as they are now.
Beads can be used in pulling off any look from day to night or casuals to official
Beads come in different types like pearls, glass , crystal , stone , seed , plastic , metal , wooden and bone beads .......
For a good, unique and affordable buy, I advice to check a vintage shop.

12 April, 2009


At last we can now breath a sign of relief after a long winter period, the sun keeps smilling down on us again as we roll into this spring.
I believe it's now time to start enhancing our beauty with our sunglasses so girlfriends it's time to go shopping for those killing and breathtaking sunshades.
Apart from the fact that sunglasses protects the eyes from uv rays from the sun it also gives you a bold and courageous look that makes you feel ( you are less concerened about what is happening around you or even glancing at something nice without people looking at you ridiculously).
These days sunglasses comes in different shapes with large and enormous frames which is good for people with smaller features. When buying a sunglasses make sure you check the shape of your face. Squared faces are better off on rounded cornes, round faces looks great with more angular shapes while oval faces can wear a variety of shapes.
To shorten the look of your nose make sure you choose a style with a bridge that sits lower and your eyes should peek out above the top.
Always make sure that larger shapes sit high on your nose and that the frames don't extend beyond the sides of your face.
Choose colours that usually flatter you in make up or clothes and do not use shades that are most closely to your skin tone.

27 March, 2009


What statement are you making when it comes to your sense of fashion, are you trying to please other people or yourself? I think every woman should have a word When it comes to fashion which helps alot when shopping.
The first thing for me is seeing something i like, (this is niiiiccceee), then I check the price (wao! it's cheap) and do I have money for it at that moment.
All in all my fashion statement is TRENDY, CHEAP and AFFORDABLE.

15 March, 2009


Gone are those days when flat shoes are seen as shoes for the aged, most women go around with their flats and heels in hand bags. The ballerinas in trends are made to be easily folded and fits into ones bag.
When you want to have a casual and calm look just put on your ballerina and off you go.
To me they are one of the most comfortable shoes you can have on, especially on a hot summer day with a cropped jeans or long jeans just any how you like it.
They come in any shade of colour one can think of and with different designs.
I think they are fashion made relaxed and easy.

10 March, 2009


Leggings and tights are products of the eighties but has come full force into fashion again,they are either long or quarter of the leg and they are either plane coloured or mixed coloured with various designs.
Leggings can be seen in fashion from the winter to summer.
Leggings are so so cool because they elongate the leg and gives you an extreme feminine and an expensive look. I call them 'fit for payment' because they can be worn on any kind of shoe from your boots, platforms, heels, sandals even ballerinas also works on leggings
A closet is incomplete without a leggings.

28 February, 2009


Bags has always been a friend one can not do without and they are the most visible fashion accessory. They come in different shades, shapes and textures.
They help in complementing ones dressing and they fit to any type of look from casuals to official or dinner outfits, just talk of any thing called wears they just fit perfectly well.
They come in different types be it over sized clutch , tote, wrist lets, shoulder bags e.t.c
Fashion has made life easier for mothers like me, students and women who need to take their lap top around can also be fashion forward because bags in trends are over sized bags and are made to be able to carry heavy loads as high as 2.5kg.
Now, its all about enormous and chunky bags. Thanks to fashion for that.