22 February, 2010


The trends this season is simple but sophiticated following most fashion shows, lots of designers went for nude colours and are mostly smart designs that means purposeful clothes with lasting powers.
The old millitary look is back with an inspiring edgy look. Leather is also in basically in nude or tan, simple piece but a majour statement.
Denim is also out and really over the top this season, it comes in different and distinct look from dungarees-pinafores-double denim- knee length skirts.
White shirt use to be a basic and boring outfit but this season it's given a new face entirely from the boring look to a friiled, flounced, tied up and buttoned down.
Most designes for this season are cropped sleeves, crotchet look, ruffles, frills, ruched sleeves, hanky, embellished tops/dresses, basque dresses and pencil skirts.
Shorts are also in from leather shorts to bulky shorts.