15 March, 2009


Gone are those days when flat shoes are seen as shoes for the aged, most women go around with their flats and heels in hand bags. The ballerinas in trends are made to be easily folded and fits into ones bag.
When you want to have a casual and calm look just put on your ballerina and off you go.
To me they are one of the most comfortable shoes you can have on, especially on a hot summer day with a cropped jeans or long jeans just any how you like it.
They come in any shade of colour one can think of and with different designs.
I think they are fashion made relaxed and easy.


  1. Most of the time I go to work in my flats then change into my heels at the parking lot but on a casual day like fridays or sometimes on saturdays when I have to be at work its always my ballerinas.

  2. i like heels but i put on flats than heels. i agree u get any colour u want cos i av almost all the odd colours one can think of in flats bt nt heels.

  3. Thank God summer is approaching cos ill be getting my swagger back in flats.

  4. its time to start preparing my flats and and off I go.

  5. I love flats they are easy to wear, walk and carry