27 March, 2009


What statement are you making when it comes to your sense of fashion, are you trying to please other people or yourself? I think every woman should have a word When it comes to fashion which helps alot when shopping.
The first thing for me is seeing something i like, (this is niiiiccceee), then I check the price (wao! it's cheap) and do I have money for it at that moment.
All in all my fashion statement is TRENDY, CHEAP and AFFORDABLE.


  1. My fashion statement is unique, beautiful and flashy. I like being noticed every where i go. I got the uniqueness from my friends in college anytime i come for lectures they are always asking me where i got one or two things on me because they are not common.

  2. Mine is BBB and its bold beautiful and breath taking. Av got that statement since I ws 16 and thats over 10 years now. I abide to my fashion statement.
    SHANON...Ontario CA

  3. I dont really have a fashion statement am still trying to train myself not to shop too much cos i know I over buy things at times. so for me my look at that time speaks of my fashion statement.

  4. My fashion statement is FABULOUS. Anything I have hs to be fabulous or else it can nt stay in my closet.

  5. My fashion statement is bold anything that does not make me bold then its not for me.