12 April, 2009


At last we can now breath a sign of relief after a long winter period, the sun keeps smilling down on us again as we roll into this spring.
I believe it's now time to start enhancing our beauty with our sunglasses so girlfriends it's time to go shopping for those killing and breathtaking sunshades.
Apart from the fact that sunglasses protects the eyes from uv rays from the sun it also gives you a bold and courageous look that makes you feel ( you are less concerened about what is happening around you or even glancing at something nice without people looking at you ridiculously).
These days sunglasses comes in different shapes with large and enormous frames which is good for people with smaller features. When buying a sunglasses make sure you check the shape of your face. Squared faces are better off on rounded cornes, round faces looks great with more angular shapes while oval faces can wear a variety of shapes.
To shorten the look of your nose make sure you choose a style with a bridge that sits lower and your eyes should peek out above the top.
Always make sure that larger shapes sit high on your nose and that the frames don't extend beyond the sides of your face.
Choose colours that usually flatter you in make up or clothes and do not use shades that are most closely to your skin tone.


  1. Oh, thanks for the tips I always love to wear the wide old school style sunglasses but i always think they don't look nice on me but after i read this blog i tried my sisters own and it ws nice.
    Melissa... Houston Texas

  2. Sunshades had more to ones beauty, i luv the bougours ones especially prada designs.

  3. I love sunglasses they complete my look and gives me an adoring look.

  4. At last I gotsomething for people like me who has the so called square shaped face. Ha Ha ha

  5. I have noticed this ugly type of shade that was used by Kanye West in his latest video, is that what is in trend cos it looks like a costume for photo shots.

  6. Hey its in vogue but no sane person wears that in day time, though av seen some party pictures with people putting on shutters.