28 February, 2009


Bags has always been a friend one can not do without and they are the most visible fashion accessory. They come in different shades, shapes and textures.
They help in complementing ones dressing and they fit to any type of look from casuals to official or dinner outfits, just talk of any thing called wears they just fit perfectly well.
They come in different types be it over sized clutch , tote, wrist lets, shoulder bags e.t.c
Fashion has made life easier for mothers like me, students and women who need to take their lap top around can also be fashion forward because bags in trends are over sized bags and are made to be able to carry heavy loads as high as 2.5kg.
Now, its all about enormous and chunky bags. Thanks to fashion for that.


  1. You can take me away but not my bag. I can not do without my bag as long as am out my bag is going with me even if its just to buy something behing my house I still go with my bag.
    I love bagsssss I never get tired of them I have a deep red tote soft leather bag with a rose on the front side, despite the fact that its from 2006 am still rocking the bag and it still looks new.

  2. My passion is bags and shoes av got uncountable bags and I love them all, they keep going and coming back in fashion.
    Bags give me courage

  3. Bags.......hummmm,I have to seriously consider carring them cos i see bags as a neccesity(needed to carry something) and not necessarially compulsory as long as your outfit is "tight".

  4. I love bags especially clutch , they give me a cocky look.
    LOLO: South London

  5. I buy bags and mostly odd colours cos now its about crazy colours.

  6. I have a whole closet for my bags and shoes i can just seem to get enough.
    I bought a glittering channel bag at a vintage shop.

  7. Hmnnn bags the bigger the better. Love them all wish i could av all those bags in the pictures.