14 February, 2009


It took me a while to get myself back together 7 weeks after delivery weighing 89kg from my normal 58kg. Unable to exercise myself as I wanted due to cesarean delivery.
I understand how you feel mums, looking at the mirror and saying to your self when will I fit into this my lovely top,dress or just a pair of skinny jeans again. Its just a matter of time and patience.
The best thing is not to forgo the maternity wears you used during your second trimester as long as they are fashion forward for the time being before you loose all the baby weight. If you really desire to put on a fitted wear just make sure you use a beautiful belt to hide those fats around the waist area and to give you a sexy and curvy look.
Breastfeeding mums don't feel embarrassed with that excessive breast of yours you can still put on fitted tops, shirts and blouses as long as you have a flowing skirt, flare trousers to go with it. Am not their yet still have almost 15 kg left to get to 60kg that I desire but that does not stop me from looking and dressing very nice.


  1. you do not look like someone who had a baby 7 weeks ago, nice phisic and look.I am a mother of two and I had the problem of shopping after I had my first child, I rushed out and shop alot for clothes which I eventually did not use all because they where too small especially the bust area.
    When I had my second child I did not make that mistake again I went back to some of my early maternity wears and they look perfectly beautiful......
    Anita Manchester

  2. You look beautiful as usual I dont believe one has to look horrible after delivery even if u av not really drop the pregnancy fat or the terrible dark shade pregnancy gives one.
    As a woman one should always look the best in any situation or circumstance.