06 February, 2009


Shoes, shoes and shoes

The beautiful thing about heels is that it excersises the muscles of the legs. Wedge, pumps, gladiator sandals goes on any form of dressing but I love them most on jeans or pants it makes ones legs looks longer and they lift the butts up. So as many women who have little butts try wearing heels and check your back side in a mirror.
Shoes gives you that confident and sexy look you want. For shoes that stand out in the crowd I suggest you check http://www.harlens.se/.


  1. I totally agree with you. I am a ''heels'' lover. Its sexy and gives you that girly look that make heads turn. The trick to buying a decent looking pair is to get one that you are totally comfortable with.

  2. Heels do justice to the butt-but if i may ask what about people like me that have "big butt"?

    People who already have big butt, heels gives such butt a natural look and and puts such butt in a right and sexy position. You dont have to think, the heels packs it well.

  4. Wao! plssss which website did you get all this shoes especially the pink one infact everything. You are a real girlfriend
    This are shoes I will wear and heads will start turning.
    Toyin please mail the website to me.
    Thumbs up

  5. HILDA,
    The website for the shoes is www.halens.se