13 February, 2009


Its all about the colour (RED).
Red is a bright colour that catches the eye and attracts attention, people who puts on red clothing's are seen as bold, deary, sexy and courageous.
The key to wearing a red shade of clothing is to choose a shade that goes with your skin tone.
If you are apprehensive about wearing bright reds then go for a subdued red style. Choose to wear red when you need something extra to pep up your energy, wear red to enhance your energy
Do you have any shade of red? hmnnnn its time to get one, don't miss out


  1. Red has always been my favourite colour and I know it will always be in vogue.Anytime I wear my red prada shoe people still ask me where I got the shoe despite the fact that its 2 years old.

  2. I wasnt a fan of red shade not until i went for a friends baby shower n d colour code was red so i was forced to buy a red mini dress.
    I was extremely impressed with my look.it gave me this glowing and attractive look n I got a date at the party.

  3. I have never been a red 'fan'.But i just discovered recently that a girl can't do without red cos it's always in vogue.This tip has defenitely given me the boost i need.

  4. I love red especially hot red, it gives me such a huge sex appeal and it makes me the centre of attraction when ever am on red clothings even a red foot wear.

  5. I love red it gives one attention and its apealing to the site.