11 February, 2009


Trying to figure out what colour of shoe and bag to use for an outing and I don't want to wear a black shoe so I said to "myself having a multicoloured shoe and bag is always the best".
You can use them on any shade of colour without even having a second thought.

It's a must have especially for days you have trouble thinking of what colour of shoe or bag to use.


  1. Thanks for the gist as if you knew what i went thru befor i could pick what to wear to work on monday.
    Now i know what i lack in my closet.
    Real eye oppner.
    Thanks girlfriend, expecting more from you

  2. Yes buks I have a multicoloured bag and shoe, Its so nice that I use the bag sometimes with other shoes like wise the shoe to.
    It makes me feel as if I have alot of shoes and bags.
    Hey, when are you opening your clothing line! am waiting.

  3. This is definately what am buying next week. I really need multicoloured shoe like crazy.
    buks buks na u o biko

  4. A Multi coloured shoes and bag is definitely on my next list of shopping.Like i have any other choice after this tip.

  5. I buy mostly things with diffrent shades thats why am called a peacock. MULTICOLOURED MULTI TREND.