06 February, 2009

Belts do alot

Belts are always in fashion, its used in enhancing ones shape especially for a curvy woman like me.
Even slim women looks shapely with a strap of belt around the waist.
Thin belts are now coming back in style especially putting on a shot sleeveless mini dress
It can be worn around the waist, under the bust or just on the stomach.


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  2. I completely agree with you.Belts are the in thing now.I wish I could wear them on everything I put on.

  3. I used a belt to work today just to hear what peopele will say, the compliments was too much and now am feeling on top of the world.
    You gave me the courage, am no more scarred of my skinny body.
    Am belting it up too, will be in harolds on friday after work to shop for as many belts as possible.