14 February, 2009


It's valentine, most people see today as a day to give a loved one a gift, to visit a friend or to go out on a date. Thinking of it today I realise most people give but do not give to themselves.
Girlfriends it's not only about the other person but about you too, so take yourself on a shopping spree or a date. For me, I was out at lindex, glitters, espirite, parellel........ doing what I know how to do best "WINDOW SHOPPING"
Just give yourself a nice treat and your mind, body and soul will be grateful.


  1. I beleive in what u said, now have gotten to a stage in my life that its all about me.
    I was at a spa yesterday with some of my girlfriends n we had an interesting time together.

  2. I was at work yesterday can you just imagine, we had an unplanned meeting.
    I was suppose to go on 2 dates, I had to cancell the dates. It ws so painfull. I can see you really had a nice time indeed, so how many wears did you buy?

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